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Software Modernization

Bringing legacy software to life on modern platforms
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Making Old Systems Strategic Again

Many organizations have grown around and rely on custom software that powers their day to day business activities. As it ages, that custom legacy software can be a drag on businesses in various ways. In some cases, the underlying infrastructure is insecure and obsolete. There’s no support or upgrade path. Companies can get stuck. They want to change features to match their new business strategies, but legacy software holds them back.

These are the problems 606 Digital solves in our software modernization practice. We port your old application code over to the latest versions and server platforms. Going forward, you can be more agile, running your business on high-performing, modern software that is more economical than the old code it replaces.

Our Software Modernization Process

Modernizing custom legacy code can be a delicate process—a bit like surgery. Doing it right involves carefully reviewing the source code and evaluating system architecture before taking any actions. In parallel, we analyze your business processes and data management requirements. Often, we modify your processes during the modernization process in order to align the new applications with the way you run your business today.

Our software modernization methodology emphasizes running the old and new systems at the same time. This enables a smooth transition. It also gives everyone a chance to learn the new system and provide feedback if any problems have to be addressed before the full switchover.

For complex or multi-module legacy systems, we sometimes modernize on an incremental basis. Our team deploys one segment of the old system at a time. This approach reduces project risk and helps you adjust to the new solution without getting overwhelmed.

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