SaaS Application Development

Building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that realize entrepreneurial visions or reimagine software deployment for forward-thinking organizations.


A Complete SaaS Creation Program

606 Digital offers a full SaaS development service. We can handle every aspect
of a SaaS project, from design and coding to setting up cloud infrastructure,
payment systems and more. We can partner with you at any stage of your
product’s lifecycle, starting at the concept and design stages, continuing
through proof of concept, launch and ongoing maintenance.

A Flexible Approach to SaaS

Whether you’re launching a totally new SaaS business concept or adapting an existing application to SaaS, our flexible approach to SaaS allows us to deliver what you need, when you need, at a budget that makes sense for your stage of life

Why 606 Digital for SaaS

Leverage Our Experience on the Microsoft Platform

606 Digital is your technology partner for SaaS, building on our deep expertise with the Microsoft Azure platform. The advantage of this approach comes from the stability and remarkable reach of the global Azure infrastructure. We can combine proven Azure applications, patterns and tools with third-parties (e.g., for payment processing) and custom-coded functionality to bring your SaaS idea to life.


We can:

Establish a complete SaaS product for you, taking care of every detail of designing, developing, deploying and maintaining a SaaS offering.

Partner with your development team to build a growing SaaS product.

Create proofs of concept (PoCs) to present to investors.

Build working prototypes for beta testing, market research and usability testing.


Our solutions span multiple industries and include decades of cross-industry exposure and perspective. From nationwide organizations and enterprise-level firms to the Illinois Tollway and the City of Chicago itself, we have a strong track record with the top companies and organizations in Chicago and across the country.

606 Custom Software Development Clients


To learn more about how 606 Digital can turn your SaaS idea into a viable business and technological success, contact us to speak with one of our SaaS experts.

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