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Need help with your existing Infor Public Sector (IPS) / Hansen system? Workflow or performance issues slowing you down?  We have extensive experience in quickly identifying and resolving configuration-related and other types of issues with Infor Public Sector (IPS) / Hansen installations.  We can access your system remotely or work using a secure copy of your configuration on our own infrastructure.  Our ability to work remotely saves time and money, allowing us to act quickly in investigating and resolving any issues.

Workflow Issues
From permit applications stuck at the wrong milestone, to miscalculated fees, to inspections not generating at the right time, we have seen almost anything you can imagine in IPS.  There are a number of ways even a minor issue can negatively affect your organization’s ability to get the job done, and a lot of times the fix is a simple one.

Performance Issues
Clicking and waiting is something nobody has time for.  If your system is slowing you down, start by checking out our article that outlines some common reasons for Infor Public Sector / Hansen performance issues, and if that doesn’t lead you to an answer, feel free to reach out to us for help.

Data Issues
Sometimes the issue may not be configuration-related at all.  Data may be to blame, whether from a migration of legacy data into your Infor Public Sector / Hansen system, or from an interfacing system without proper validations in place.  We can help identify the source of bad data, prevent it from making its way into the system, and then perform a clean-up of existing data.

Environment Issues
Without the proper knowledge, these types of issues can be hard to diagnose.  A deep dive into application and database logs can help, as can network monitoring tools.  Our consultants have worked through these before and we are happy to put that knowledge and experience to work in solving any system issues you may be experiencing.


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