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Enterprise Application Integrations

Delivering exceptional business outcomes by automating processes and and connecting your core systems.
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Efficiency and Growth Through Automated Processes

Your enterprise applications can do more for your business when they are able to inter-operate in automated business processes. We make this happen.

606 Digital is able to integrate enterprise applications, such as your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, with virtually any other application or data source in the world. Standards-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the key to this connectivity. By leveraging APIs, we automate and orchestrate critical business processes that span your main operational systems—driving greater efficiency and potential growth along the way.

Integrations Scoped for Today’s Business

Our approach to application integration is process- and people-centric. While the deliverable is one or more custom connectors developed with the Microsoft Web API, the engagement starts with a deep dive into how you run your business. From this understanding of your workflows, we construct optimal middleware for connectivity.

Take Quote-to-Cash, the frequently challenging business process that can benefit from application integration. The quote generally originates in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or sales management system. Turning the quote into an actual order may involve manual rekeying of data into the ERP solution. This is not ideal, being both time-intensive and error-prone.

Asynchronous middleware can automate order transfer between CRM and ERP, as well as subsequent tasks like order delivery in a logistics system and invoicing and transaction journaling transaction in an accounting application. We use APIs to connect all of these steps, making the Quote-to-Cash process faster and more accurate.

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