At 606 Digital, we have seen the costs involved with manual build, test, and deployment processes. Mistakes are made. Regressions are missed. Issues and delays are the norm. That is why we champion the automation of these tasks through modern SDLC processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment. Teams run more efficiently, deliver better quality, and work in a happier, less stressful environment.

Modern tools such as the Azure DevOps Continuous Integration framework make it easy to configure automated build, test, and deployment pipelines. These cloud-based technologies are moving rapidly to improve their tools and infrastructure, making it much easier for DevOps teams to automate.

Make your development environment run more smoothly by automating each of the following:


Automated builds are a necessary component of any Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment strategy, and the tools that are available today allow development teams to configure this function with the click of a button.


Automated testing is another key component to Continuous SDLC processes. Unit, performance, security, functional, and other tests can all be automatically triggered to run on events such as code commits or deployments, providing real-time feedback to developers working to fix bugs and integrate new features into applications.


Automated deployments add immeasurable value to any DevOps team. When configured properly, they eliminate the human error that so often affects deployments to different environments. No matter how complex your application and environments, there are technologies available that will allow you to automate your deployments, and the up-front investment in automating this function will pay dividends in no time.


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