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Custom Mobile and Web Application Development

Connecting your business to all devices
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Digital Transformation,
Starting with Multi-Device Access

Digital transformation and omnichannel business initiatives depend on all users—employees, customers and partners—having universal access to key data and application functionality regardless of location or device. This is what we offer with our custom mobile and web application development services. We can build cross-platform mobile apps as well as web apps that run on any platform or device.

Business-Oriented, User-Centric Design

Our approach to building custom web and mobile apps is business-oriented and user-centric. We embrace a methodology that focuses on end user engagement with your business. This includes responsive design, which ensures that a web app’s User Interface (UI) responds to the size of the screen, so regardless of device size, the app is easy to use. With mobile apps, we ensure that your phone user’s experience is considered first, and the application’s design is tailored to use minimal screen real estate.

  • Portals

    Let us create a portal for your business that delivers web-based access to your back office systems. With a custom portal, your customers can tap into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to check order statuses, schedule appointments, pay invoices or perform many other business functions.

  • Mobile apps

    Mobile apps are no longer the exclusive province of Silicon Valley startups and tech giants. They are surprisingly within reach. Working with our team, you can launch a mobile app just for your business—adopting a mobile-first business strategy that can lead to transformative change in customer relationships.

Leveraging the Most Modern Toolsets

  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS and React, which provide a rich, responsive user experience in web browsers that rivals that of native, installed applications.
  • Xamarin, which reduces development time and maintenance costs by allowing applications to be written once for multiple mobile platforms, e.g. iOS and Android.
  • Microsoft Blazor, in which C# replaces JavaScript and can run on any modern browser that supports WebAssembly.

We bring a depth of expertise and experience to the work of custom web and mobile application development. We have a proven track record with the kind of lightweight, secure, extensible architecture required for success in this kind of work—blending a clean, user-friendly front-end application with a robust API and back-end solution.

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