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Custom Infor Public Sector Solutions

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Custom Infor Public Sector / Hansen Software Solutions

Sometimes even the simplest custom application or extension can save your organization thousands of hours. While Infor’s suite of software offerings can handle any business process you need to support, there may be processes that don’t align perfectly with packaged software.

Infor understands this, and that is why Infor Public Sector was built with extensibility in mind. Custom extensions can be built that run within IPS and seem like part of the product, and the IPS REST API introduces a modern approach to interfacing with IPS. Our partnership with Infor and our experience with IPS ensure that we recommend custom applications when the fit is right. Our goal is to provide simple, intuitive software solutions that empower your team and make their lives easier.

What We Do

  • Custom Web / Mobile Solutions

    Sometimes a simple web/mobile application to support a specific business requirement can save countless hours of effort, or even eliminate an entire task that your team manages, allowing them to focus on more important matters that require human intervention.

  • Custom Middleware

    Your systems should communicate effortlessly. We’ve connected Infor Public Sector with many enterprise applications, both off the shelf and custom, synchronous and asynchronous, modern and legacy. We build middleware that is invisible, working behind the scenes, keeping your organization running smoothly with no negative impact on performance or stability.

  • IPS Enhancements / Extensions

    Did you know that you can add fully custom functionality to the Infor Public Sector software? An entire page or series of pages can be created that “plug in” to the system to do just about anything, and when done right it is all fully supported, even through upgrades.

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