.NET Application Architecture

Application Architecture and Development

Solution Architecture
Our architects draw from their real-world experience in determining the best technologies for each project.  Sometimes a simple and affordable cloud-based SaaS offering may be all that is needed to support a client’s business processes.  Other times, organizations may achieve real benefits and solid ROI by going with a custom technology solution.

Custom Development
We are passionate about high-quality software and we take pride in our attention to detail.  We are a full-stack team so we can help in areas such as cloud, mobile, web, and API development.  We have experience integrating and interfacing with packaged software and SaaS applications, and we can also build amazing applications from the ground up.

Cloud-Ready Applications and Services
Whether off-the-shelf or custom, applications must be designed and built with cloud readiness and scalability in mind. Organizations understand the many efficiencies that can be gained by moving to cloud-hosted software, platforms, and infrastructure, on platforms such as Microsoft Azure.

Enterprise Solutions
Large enterprises and municipalities can present business processes that extend beyond the competency of any one enterprise-grade software application.  Sometimes these processes can be so unique that they demand support through custom software or multiple interconnected software packages.  High-availability, heightened security, and larger traffic volumes also present a unique set of challenges at the enterprise level.  At 606 Digital, we have extensive experience in enterprise-grade solutions, and we welcome the challenges they can present.


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