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API Architecture and Development Services

Leveraging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect your systems, devices and data with the rest of the digital world.
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Create and Consume APIs

Connect your software applications and all the data they handle with virtually any other system in the world with standards-based APIs by 606 Digital. Our API architecture and development services enable external integration with systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or Google, or internally with your own systems. We’ll develop APIs that can allow your business to publish data externally, making it available in real time for your customers, vendors and partners.

Leveraging APIs to Transform Your Business

The experts at 606 Digital can help you design, build, publish and consume APIs using a modern RESTful architecture. We also provide support or enhancements for your existing SOAP-based web services.

  • Automate Business Processes

    APIs enable you to engage in Business Process Automation (BPA), connecting and orchestrating the systems that power workflows like payments and procurement.

  • Connect Systems with Custom Middleware

    Let us build custom middleware that connects your vital systems, such as in-house or cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, or proprietary, home-grown applications. We give you the ability to continuously monitor the health of these integrations and track metrics that can provide insights about your organization.

  • Consume Data from External APIs

    Pull data from more than one million APIs available throughout the world, including those published by your partners, vendors and customers. Enrich your business processes and data with information from external sources, helping your organization run more efficiently than ever.

  • Publish an API

    Our team can publish an API that allows your vendors, suppliers, partners, clients and customers to connect to your organization’s systems in real time, enabling true automation for all of your business processes.

  • Power Your Customer Portals, Websites and Apps

    A properly architected API can be used not only by external systems, but also by your internal or public facing applications. Once your API is ready, it’s faster and easier than ever to build a customer portal, website or mobile app and make it available to the world.

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