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About Us

Our Story

606 Digital is a Chicago-based consulting agency that focuses on client satisfaction through simple, elegant solutions.

We pride ourselves in our ability to turn the most complex business requirements into intuitive software solutions, empowering our clients with the tools they need to seamlessly support and enhance their business operations.

Our Focus

Solution Architecture

From simple web/mobile applications to enterprise-grade business needs, we will design a secure, extensible, future-proof solution that meets or exceeds your project and budgetary requirements.

Application Development

From Senior to Junior, Local to Offshore, we have a team that will suit your development needs and budget, with a reliable team lead always just a text, phone call, or email away.

Infor Public Sector

We are an Infor Alliance Partner that specializes in Infor Public Sector (IPS), formerly known as Hansen. We are experts in IPS, with a comprehensive range of experience dating back to the days of Hansen 7. Learn more

Our Process

For smaller projects, a simple phone call, in-person meeting, or email exchange can be all that is necessary for us to understand your goals. Larger projects may include any / all of the following phases:

  1. Initial Assessment

    Meetings are held to understand the high-level requirements and provide a budgetary estimate.

  2. Expectations

    The goals of the project are discussed and prioritized, and everyone’s roles are defined so they know what to expect and when to expect it.

  3. Detailed Analysis

    Business analysis efforts are performed through meetings with Subject Matter Experts, and possibly through other means such as end user surveys or focus groups.

  4. Design

    A skilled Architect will design an elegant solution, making both business process and technology recommendations.

  5. Project Priorities and Schedule

    Priorities and dependencies are reviewed, and a project schedule is presented for approval before development begins.

  6. Development, Testing, and Deployments

    606 Digital assembles a highly-skilled team of developers and testers that match the project size and budget, and automated SDLC processes are initiated.

  7. Training

    We believe in intuitive software solutions that require minimal or no training, however we also realize that some teams can be more efficient from day one armed with some up-front guidance.

  8. Go-Live

    Activities around product launch such as outreach, initial end user support, and application monitoring.

  9. Support

    Our team can assist with any post-production support issues that may arise, and we are always happy to help.

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